Rotary Die Cutting

Preco is a premier supplier of rotary die cutting equipment with the experience that is required to meet your processing needs.


Industrial Die Cutting Solutions

The Rotary Converting Platform is Preco's solution to your die cutting needs. Delivering the highest yields, production rates, flexibility and speed.

RCP Rotary Converting Platform Die Cutter

Rotary Converting Platform Die Cutter

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RCP DL Rotary Converting Platform Dual-Laser Die Cutter

Rotary Converting Platform Die Cutter with Dual Lasers

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Rotary die cutting contract manufacturing services

Contract Manufacturing Services 

Complementing our laser converting offering, Preco's Rotary Die Cutting Contract Manufacturing Services also provides a complete range of die cutting solutions. Precision multiple station rotary die cutting for high productivity, lamination and rotary die cutting.

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Common Rotary Materials

Just some of the many materials that Preco's Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) is capable of handling.


From Heavy Grit to Micro-Polishing


Cut, Collate, and Stack


Open-Cell, Closed-Cell and Reticulated


Everything from Rubber to Cork

Magnetic Media

From Cutting to Laminating

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

PSA Cutting and Kiss-Cutting

Common Questions About Rotary Die Systems

What size rotary die system do I require?

Viewing our small/medium/large rotary die system offerings and integrations section on the web page will direct you to which system is appropriate for your needs. We can customize or depopulate the machines per your requirements, but it is always best to have room for growth in your new rotary.

Do I need all servo driven components or will a line-shaft driven machine work just as well?

The technological advantages and extreme tension control is what makes servo rotaries the preferred choice among consumers. 

How long will a rotary tool last in production?

You can normally expect to get 1 million revolutions out of a tool prior to sharpening being necessary. Sharpening of the blades can be done 5 - 6 times before the tool is unusable.

What is geometry size tolerance with standard materials?

The geometry size tolerance of standard materials are as follows:

  • ±0.010 in (±0.25 mm) X-position
  • ±0.005 in (±0.125 mm) Y-position
What is the production speed of the rotary converting platform under normal operating conditions?

The rotary converting platform is capable of running up to 300 ft (91 meters) per minute. Actual production speeds are material and part dependent. Most materials and processes commonly run at 75 - 150 ft (23 - 45 meters) per minute.