Flat Bed Die Cutting

Preco leads in the manufacture of standard and custom-made automated die cutting equipment.


Industrial Die Cutting Solutions

Preco is a premier provider of flat bed die cutting equipment solutions for material processing needs. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed and high-accuracy automated flat bed die cutting systems.

Flat Bed Die Cutting Equipment

Preco's flat bed die cutting equipment has the versatility and precision needed to handle your product's specifications.

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Die Cutting Contract Manufacturing

With the industry's largest number of workstations, Preco offers an extensive range of innovative flat bed die cutting services.

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Common Flat Bed Materials

Just some of the many materials that Preco's flat bed die cutting presses are capable of handling.


From Heavy Grit to Micro-Polishing


Open-Cell, Closed-Cell and Reticulated


Everything from Rubber to Steel

Magnetic Media

From Cutting to Laminating

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

PSA Cutting and Kiss-Cutting

Common Questions About Flat Bed Presses

What type of tooling can I use in a flat bed press?

Preco flat bed presses are designed to accept a range of flat tooling including standard steel rule dies, chem etched tooling as well as male/female tooling. Tooling is available from a wide range of suppliers.

Can a flat bed press through cut and kiss-cut?

Preco flat bed presses are capable of through cutting or kiss-cutting to a liner, and this can be done with the same die. Our exclusive micrometer stop allows us to control the depth of cut in increments of 0.001".

How much tonnage do I need?

Tonnage is determined by the number of linear inches in the tool. As a rule of thumb, we use 350 pounds of force per linear inch. Materials and ejection foams will influence this and we've seen typical ranges of 200 to 500 pounds of force. It's always best to test this at Preco ahead of the flat bed press selection.

What size flat bed press systems are available?

Preco flat bed press systems are available from 12" to 60" wide with a number of options in between.

Do you offer cut to print optical registration (and do I need it?)

If you're die cutting pre-printed product, we offer a real-time vision registration system and position tooling at ± 0.001". If there is no cut-to-print registration (step-and-repeat for gaskets, etc.) the systems are available without the vision registration option as well.