Magnetic Media

Cut magnetic media sheets

Die Cut Magnetic Media

Processing of magnets can include digitally printing variable data magnets onto a cost-effective material, then laminating the material to the magnet. The ideal technology for die cutting magnets includes optical registration, magnetic blanks, laminating the magnets, as well as collating. 


  • Novelty Magnets
  • Marketing
  • Promotional

Labor-saving steps.

With Preco, die cutters can process a number of parts at a time, taking into account pattern irregularities, varying materials and thicknesses to minimize sheeting and produce a more polished, professional look. In addition, other labor-saving steps include knocking out, collating, and stacking like parts into a bin or container.


  • Magnetic Material,
    Sheet or Web
  • Various Overlays 
  • Vinyl


  • Digital Finishing
  • Media


There are many advantages to using our laser processing and die cut magnetic media equipment to meet your projects unique requirements, including: 

  • Minimized tool wear from magnetic material.  Die can be changed in a matter of seconds without tools through the use of swing-away roll feed and pneumatic quick-change steel rule die clamps.  Adding a heated platen can improve the life of steel rule dies depending on the materials. 
  • Automated part removal with Preco part removal systems. 
  • Accommodates varying material thickness on the same system with Preco adjustable roll feeds. 
  • Slippage and misfeeds minimized even with a variety of thicknesses.  Preco systems independently control the torque and speed of individual roll feeds. 
  • Increased system versatility. Preco presses handle both sheet and roll material. 
  • Cut-to-print accuracy to ± .001" (0.0250 mm) in 1, 2, or 3 axis for image to die registration. 
  • Custom built for all industries and markets with help from Preco’s Engineering and Design team.