Laser Kiss-Cutting

Controlled Depth Laser Cutting
Precision Laser Cutting

Precision Laser Cutting

Laser kiss-cut processing is used to cut the top layer of material without cutting through an attached material. Sticker labels are a good example of laser kiss-cutting in action. In this process, the outline of the label can be cut without cutting the release or backing material. Typically, CO2 lasers are used for kiss-cutting applications. Laser kiss-cutting can also be combined with perforating or "through cutting" on a single application.  


  • Arts & Crafts / Hobbies
  • Printing
  • Flexible circuits
  • Complex shapes & geometry
  • Labels

Preco's advanced control software will optimize the web speed during job changeovers of laser-cut labels to maximize system productivity. The order change is accomplished via a bar code.


  • Medical 
  • Automotive
  • Digital Finishing
  • Electronics


Some of the many advantages of laser kiss-cutting with Preco-made equipment.

  • Virtually unlimited cutting path. The point can be moved in any direction (typically 2D) unlike other processes that use knives or saws.
  • Can process flat sheets or material in roll form.
  • Technology is well suited to fabricating high accuracy parts, especially from flexible materials. The laser beam exerts no force on the part and is focused on a very small spot, allowing the part to keep its original shape from start to finish.
  • Sticky materials that would otherwise gum up a blade can be kiss-cut.
  • High-speed cutting with accuracy with Preco's unique power control.
  • Cost-effective process with low operating and material costs.
  • Digital process, no expensive dies required.
  • Very hard or abrasive materials can be kiss-cut.

Laser Equipment for Kiss-Cutting

General Converting Laser Machines



Multi-Purpose Laser Machine

The FlexPro® laser system provides the speed of galvanometer processing with the versatility of an XY motion system.


Mini FlexPro

Compact Laser Processing Machine

The Mini FlexPro® laser processing system offers innovative solutions for high-speed laser processing of flexible circuits.


WebPro Series

Web-Based Laser Processing Machine

The WebPro Series of digital laser cutting systems are rapidly re-configured for changing job requirements.


Wide WebPro Series

Jumbo Roll Laser Processing Machine

The Wide WebPro Series is a wide web-based, traveling head laser systems for roll-to-roll or roll-to-discrete part processing.


FlashLite G Laser Modules

High-Speed Laser Processing Module

FlashLite G Modules provide high-speed, laser processing for through cutting, kiss-cutting and perforating.

Flexible Packaging Laser Machines


ZonePro Series

Small Area Laser Processing Machine

The ZonePro series has the ability to add scoring or perforating features within a defined width or "zone" across the flexible packaging material.


Cross Web Series

Large Area Laser Processing Machine

The Cross Web Series was designed to laser perforate, score and cut shapes or lines on-the-fly across the web.


Web Direction Series

Laser Processing Machine

Designed for laser micro-perforating, scoring and microwave venting in the web direction with high-speed capabilities.


FlashLite Laser Modules

Flexible System Integration

FlashLite Modules offer laser scoring and laser micro-perforating for easy-open, easy-fill and easy breathe packaging.