FlashLite G Laser Modules High-Speed Laser Processing Module

Model FLG2400
Preco FlashLite G Laser Module

Compact Laser Processing Module

This compact and economical version of the Preco high-speed "directed beam" technology provides laser processing for numerous applications. Preco's FlashLite™ G Series laser module is all you need if you already have material handling in place.


  • Advanced Wound Care
  • Body Sensors & Wearables
  • Cosmetics
  • FLexible Circuits
  • Food Safety Devices
  • Microfluidics
  • Point-of-Care, Diagnostic Test Strips

Cost-effective in a complete package.

This compact processing module is a cost-effective, complete laser package that can be added to virtually any web or sheet handling line. Laser processing is typically on the fly or in a step and repeat manner. Laser triggering is based on distance, eye mark triggering or vision registration.

Flashlite G Laser

Preco's FlashLite modules are configured to meet your needs; single or multiple modules are available with various laser types and power levels. To provide the best fit for your production line, this module can be configured to mount vertically or horizontally.


  • Laser Ablation 
  • Laser Brand Marking
  • Laser Cutting 
  • Laser Etching
  • Laser Kiss-Cutting
  • Laser-Perforating
  • Laser Scoring / Scribing
  • Laser Via Drilling (Micro-via)

Features & Benefits

Just some of the many benefits of buying a Preco laser module.

Preco Patented AcuPower™

Provides uniform scoring independent of shape and processing speeds

Job Database

Reduces set-up time; consistent production from operator to operator

Compact Size

Small footprint allows the module to be used virtually anywhere – from prototyping labs to production facilities

Lower Operating Costs

Increased margins; High throughput and low operating costs

Non-Contact Processing

Eliminates inconsistencies of knives and other mechanical methods

Quick Setup and Pattern Change

Easy to use Windows® based software enable make-to-order processing of short-run or complex jobs

Optional Adjustable Field of View (FOV)

Allows for optimized cut speed and cut quality from one job to the next

Adaptable / Integratable

I/O available for seamless interface to the existing production line or material handler

Closed-Loop Power Control (Optional)

Precision control of laser energy, unique to Preco

Tech Specs

Technical parameters are based on a baseline standard but all Preco laser machines can be customized to meet your product's needs

  FL-G 100 FL-G 200 FL-G 300 FL-G 400
Process Capabilities
Laser Wavelength (µm) 9.4 10.2 10.6 9.4 10.2 10.6 9.4 10.2 10.6 9.4 10.2 10.6
CW Power Range (rated W) 5-80 5-100 5-100 5-150 5-160 5-200 10-225 10-240 10-300 40-400
Percentage of Power Stability < ± 2 - 5 < ± 5 - 7 < ± 5 - 7 < ± 5 - 7
Chiller Requirements 2-kW, 7.5-l/min @ 20 °C 5-kW, 6-l/min @ 20 °C 7-kW, 6-l/min @ 20 °C 8-kW, 7-l/min @ 20 °C
Electrical Requirements
Voltage  200 - 230 VAC 200 - 230 VAC US: 200 - 230 VAC
Int: 380 - 420 VAC
US: 200 - 230 VAC
Int: 380 - 420 VAC
Phase 1 1 or 3 3 3
Hertz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz US: 60 Hz
Int: 50 Hz
US: 60 Hz
Int: 50 Hz
Environmental Requirements
Temperature 18 - 27° C (65 - 80° F)
Altitude 2,000 meters (1.2 miles)
Humidity < 95% non-condensing

The above data is subject to change. All specifications are dependent on laser power, material type and thickness, and process platform - consult with a Preco associate.
* Laser Chiller may be powered separate or by laser system.

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One of Preco's dedicated professionals will be in touch to help with your interest in the FlashLite G Laser Module.

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