FlashLite Laser Modules Flexible System Integration

Preco FlashLite Laser Modules for Flexible Packaging

Compact Design and Unparalleled Flexibility

Preco offers a complete line of laser modules in a compact and economical configuration called FlashLite™ laser modules. FlashLite laser modules can be integrated over any existing production line, they can also be added to existing material handling structures or a Preco support frame can be included as part of the cost-effective complete laser package. Processing with these modules is based on distance or in registration and they operate in either on-the-fly or intermittent motion.

FlashLite Module Configurations

  • FlashLite Web Direction (WD) Fixed head
  • FlashLite Web Direction (WD) Fixed head w/Beam Compression
  • FlashLite ZonePro (ZP) Two-axis focusing head
  • FlashLite Cross Web (CW) Three-axis focusing head

Multiple modules for maximum efficiency.

The FlashLite modules are available in a variety of configurations, including our FlashLite Web Direction (WD) with fixed beam output heads for easy-tear applications, FlashLite WD with beam compression output heads for high-speed micro-perforating, FlashLite ZonePro (ZP) with two-axis focusing heads for laser processing in a narrow bad or width and our FlashLite Cross Web (CW) for shape scoring & cutting processes.

  FlashLite WD Laser Module


FlashLite WD Laser Module with BCU

w/Beam Compression

FlashLite ZP Laser Module


FlashLite CW Laser Module



Shape Scoring
Contour Scoring
Window Cutting


Laser Power (Watts) Up to 400 Up to 200 Up to 400 Up to 1,000
Perforating Hole Diameter 65 to 200 μm 65 to 200 μm 90+ μm 250+ μm
Scoring/Scribing (fpm) Up to 2,500 Up to 2,500 Up to 2,500 Up to 2,500
Venting (fpm) Up to 750 Up to 1,500 Up to 1,500 Up to 1,500
Perforating (fpm) Up to 150 Up to 2,500 Up to 1,200 Up to 750
Contour Scoring (fpm) Up to 2,000 Up to 2,000
Shape Scoring (fpm) Up to 2,000 Up to 2,000
Window Cutting (fpm) Up to 1,000 Up to 1,000

The above data is subject to change. All specifications are dependent on laser power, material type and thickness, and process platform - consult with a Preco associate.

Preco's FlashLite Modules with Patented Beam Compression Units

Preco's patented beam compression technology is used to produce consistent geometric-shaped holes at processing speeds up to 2500 ft./min. This is the fastest perforating head in the industry.


  • Laser Scoring
  • Laser Micro-Perforating
  • Laser Slitting
  • Laser Slit/Scoring

Features & Benefits

Just some of the many benefits of buying Preco FlashLite laser modules.

Web Encoder

Provides web position and velocity feedbacks

AcuBeam™ Software

Proprietary software for laser processing shapes and patterns

Recipe Storage

Loading and saving laser parameters for quick setups and consistent production runs

Closed-Loop Power Control

Regulates laser power instability, compensates for laser power degradation, uses pulse detection monitoring and scoring – laser off alarm

Eye-Spot Detector

Register laser processing to print features

Patented AcuPower Control

Provides uniform scoring independent of shape and processing speeds

Easy Integration

I/O available for seamless interface to existing production lines

I/O Diagnostics Capability

Software updates and service support

Windows-based User Interface

Controls laser operation, beam steering, laser parameters and diagnostics

Open-Loop Power Control 

Regulates the laser power based on web velocity

Laser Equipment Line for Flexible Packaging


ZonePro Series

Small Area Laser Processing Machine

The ZonePro series has the ability to add scoring or perforating features within a defined width or "zone" across the flexible packaging material.


Cross Web Series

Large Area Laser Processing Machine

The Cross Web Series was designed to laser perforate, score and cut shapes or lines on-the-fly across the web.


Web Direction Series

Laser Processing Machine

Designed for laser micro-perforating, scoring and microwave venting in the web direction with high-speed capabilities.


FlashLite Laser Modules

Flexible System Integration

FlashLite Modules offer laser scoring and laser micro-perforating for easy-open, easy-fill and easy breathe packaging.


One of Preco's dedicated professionals will be in touch to help with your interest in the FlashLite Laser Modules.

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