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Acu Technologies

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Preco's advanced laser processing capabilities are dedicated to enhancing flexible packaging material, allowing controlled-depth scoring for easy-open and microwave venting as well as micro-perforating for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and extended shelf life. 

AcuBreathe Laser Perforating for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)


Laser Perforating for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

AcuBreathe Nano

Ultra Small Micro-Perforations

AcuBreathe Micro


AcuBreathe Macro

Perforations / Holes

AcuBreathe Nano is currently available in Contract Manufacturing only.

Laser micro-perforating is a process of generating a series of small through holes for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), extending shelf life for fresh produce. Perforations can also be used to help achieve controlled airflow, burst protection for changing air pressure and moisture release in various products such as bakery goods. Perforations also offer the capability of easier filling by allowing air to escape quickly during filling while the product remains contained. Packages are also more compressed for improved stacking and shipping.

AcuTear Laser Scoring for Easy-Open Easy-Tearing


Laser Scoring for Easy-Open Consumer Convenience

Laser scoring is a process of utilizing a focused spot of energy to remove material to a specified depth. Preco's AcuTear laser scoring technology provides easy-open / easy-tear flexible packaging for controlled tear propagation, while maintaining package strength and barrier properties. Laser scoring can be straight line or contour to allow access to zipper and peel & reseal closure features. Packages such as food products, pet food and other consumer products are ideal candidates for easy-open features. Without a laser scored line, package openings are inconsistent and create difficulty for the consumer.

AcuVent Laser Scoring Slits for Microwave Venting


Controlled-Depth Laser Scoring for Microwave Venting

Our patented AcuVent technology is used to produce controlled-depth laser score segments into flexible packaging materials at high processing speeds. These laser score-segments (vents) are weakened areas of the material and when placed into a microwave the steam generated from within the package bursts through the vents, automatically ventilating the package for a perfect microwaved product.

The advantage of AcuVent is that it can be applied to your existing packaging film. There is no need for complex lamination techniques, costly patches, perforations or slits through the package. With Preco venting features, your package remains hermetically sealed and gives the consumer the confidence to take the product from the refrigerator or freezer directly to the microwave.

AcuShape Laser Cut Windows for Product Viewing


Laser Cut Windows for Product Viewing

Lasers are becoming the tool of choice for cutting windows through web based materials. Preco can integrate its laser modules onto most web-handling systems, including laminating machines. The non-contact laser cutting process and the ability to digitally change shapes eliminate the need for multiple hard tooling dies and lengthy change overs.

Acu Technology Laser Equipment Line


ZonePro Series

Small Area Laser Processing Machine

The ZonePro series has the ability to add scoring or perforating features within a defined width or "zone" across the flexible packaging material.


Cross Web Series

Large Area Laser Processing Machine

The Cross Web Series was designed to laser perforate, score and cut shapes or lines on-the-fly across the web.


Web Direction Series

Laser Processing Machine

Designed for laser micro-perforating, scoring and microwave venting in the web direction with high-speed capabilities.


FlashLite Laser Modules

Flexible System Integration

FlashLite Modules offer laser scoring and laser micro-perforating for easy-open, easy-fill and easy breathe packaging.