Servo Press Flat Bed Die Cutter Four-Post Electromechanical Flat Bed Press

Servo Press Electromechanical Flat Bed Die Cutting Machine

Servo-Driven Precision

Preco has over 40 years of experience in building automated flat bed die cutting and converting equipment and has put that knowledge into our new 20-ton servo-driven die cutting system.


  • Medical Devices
  • Printed Circuits (or flexible circuits) / Electronics
  • Film
  • Microfluidic Device Components
  • Digital Printing
  • Graphic Printing
  • Tactile Sensors
  • RFID Tags
  • Batteries and Fuel Cells

No fluids means cleanroom-friendly.

This electromechanical machine is designed primarily for die cutting microfluidic components, tactile sensors and other devices for the medical industry. The Preco Servo Press also serves the electronics, graphics, digital print, battery and fuel cell industries; basically, anyone who wants to stay away from hydraulic fluids in a clean environment.

Flat Bed Die Cutter Foam Die Cutting

Additionally, this is the only press on the market with real-time X-Y-Theta registration capabilities with the ability to position tooling to product to ± .001.


  • Kiss-Cutting
  • Through-Cutting

Features & Benefits

Just some of the many benefits of buying a Preco Servo Press Flat Bed Die Cutting machine.

Die-to-Pattern Registration System

Beyond available fiber-optic sensors, Preco is the leader in camera-vision-based registration for flatbed die cutting.

Simple Makeready Technique

Preco's logical and efficient cutting plate access and tool exchange allow easy rule shimming, with the most hassle-free and straightforward mounting of die boards in the industry.

Touch Panel Microprocessor Control

Preco die cutters easily make changes to cutting pressure, material index, stroke height, batch count, parts removal adjustments and many other parameters to match the work at hand.

Quick Change Tooling

Preco flatbed presses are renowned for their ability to switch steel-rule die boards for each job changeover in less than 30 seconds.

Modular Finishing Accessories 

We make available parts removal and collection methods through a variety of handling techniques as well as solutions for preparing material before entering the press.

Micrometer-Stop Depth-of-Cut Management

The ability of a Preco press to prevent die board rule from striking the cutting plate and to kiss cut consistently to thin liners, extends die life and assures continuous cut parts quality.

Roll-Feed Material Transport

Whether sheet or web-fed, Preco's use of roll-feeds prevents the operator’s hands from entering an unsafe cutting area and being injured.

Custom Machine and Line Solution

Preco assists many of its customers with the integration of our die cutting capabilities to factory-supplied manufacturing lines for turn-key production.

Tech Specs

Technical parameters are based on a baseline standard but all Preco Servo Press Flat Bed Die Cutting systems can be customized to meet your product's needs.

Platen Size  Standard 
D: 305 mm (12 in.) x W: 610 mm (24 in.)
Vision, XYT: 
D: 305 mm (12 in.) x W: 508 mm (20 in.)
Cutting Force 18 tonnes (20 tons)
Ram Stroke 19 mm (0.75 in.)
Depth Control 0.025 mm (0.001 in.) resolution, mech. adjustment
HMI PC-based, Preco WinPress-e touch screen interface job storage

Flat Bed Die Cutting Equipment Line


Flat Bed Die Cutter

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Flat Bed Die Cutter with Optics

Four-Post Hydraulic Flat Bed Press

This four-post flat bed system has flexible optics that you can select from X, X–Y, X-Y-θ options to assure consistent optical registration.


Servo Press Flat Bed Die Cutter

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This electromechanical machine is designed primarily for die cutting components in a clean environment.


EDP-W Press Machine

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Servo-driven traveling head press represents the highest automated system allowing converters to die cut various materials and shapes.


One of Preco's dedicated professionals will be in touch to help with your interest in the Servo Press Flat Bed Die Cutter.

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