EDP-W Press Machine Automated Traveling Head Die Cutter

Model EDP-W-1650, EDP-W-2050
EDP-W Automated Traveling Head Die Cutting Machine

Automated Traveling Head

The EDP-W automated traveling head system represents the highest automated system which allows converters to die cut various types of materials and desired shapes. The feeding of material is automatic and is managed by a transportation conveyor running together with a pinch and grab system.


  • Different cutting tonnage
  • Cutting head rotating on its axis 180°
  • Automatic die change
  • Unwinders for jumbo rolls
  • Automatic stacking system
  • Waste winder

Wide range of possibilities.

This machine can handle materials with a wide range of weights and different thicknesses which can be processed in multiple layers. The EDP-W has a wide range of configurable cutting forces and cutting head surfaces allowing converters to take on a wide range of applications.

Biko EDP-W Slug Removal for Foam Die Cutting

Foam Die Cutting

Learn more about Preco's foam die cutting machines designed and built for the foam die cutting and converting industry.

Foam Cutting Solutions

Slug holes are automatically collected and vacuumed away from the cutting tool.


  • Kiss-Cutting
  • Through-Cutting

Features & Benefits

Just some of the many benefits of buying an EDP-W Automated Traveling Head Die Cutter.

Electrical Machine

No hydraulic system involved

Oscillating Board on X-Y Axis

Cutting against dedicated conveyor belt or on counter board

Dedicated Software

Manages the whole process and a touch screen allows the operator to change all settings

Simple Control Software

Organizes recipes and is easy to recall

Multiple Layer Processing

Capable of cutting more than one web layer at the same time

Touch Screen 

Gives the possibility to optimize the position of the cutting footprints so as to minimize waste material as much as possible

Material-Fed System

Via pinch and grab bar with motorized conveyor

Punching System

Mounted on traveling head covering the whole board width

Accurate Tool Positioning

Head displacement by servo motor for accurate cutting tool position

Tech Specs

Technical parameters are based on a baseline standard but all EDP-W Automated Traveling Head Die Cutting systems can be customized to meet your product's needs.

  EDP-W-1650 EDP-W-2050
Machine Dimensions Length: 5287 mm (17 ft. 4 in.) Length: 5287 mm (17 ft. 4 in.)
Width: 4165.5 mm (13 ft. 8 in.) Width: 4565.5 mm (15 ft.)
Height: 2902 mm (9 ft. 6 in.) Height: 2902 (9 ft. 6in.)
Machine Weight 9,000 kg (9.92 tons) 10,500 kg (11.57 tons)
Material Widths 1650 mm (64.96 in.) 2050 mm (80.71 in.)
Installed Power 18 kW
Air Consumption 200 NI/h
Cutting Force  25 tonnes (27.56 tons) (45 and 60 tonnes available(49.6 tons and 66.14 tons))
Cutting Tool Mounting Board  600 x 600 mm (23.62 x 23.62 in.) (1000 x 1000 mm (39.37 x 39.37 in.) also available)

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EDP-W Press Machine

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