Preco, LLC to Introduce the “FlexStacker” at MD&M West


Preco, Inc. Introduces the “FlexStacker”, the Automated Assembly System for Point-of-Care Diagnostic Devices

A revolutionary system for producing microfluidics devices.

Preco Inc. plans to unveil the FlexStacker at MD&M West, Anaheim, CA, February 6 – 9, 2018

HUDSON, WI, January 2 – Preco, a leading provider of lasers systems, die cutting and lamination equipment for medical device manufacturing, announced today the launch of the FlexStacker. This custom built piece of equipment  laminates and assembles multiple layers to create an aligned, precisely registered and stacked microfluidics testing device (Lab-on-a-Chip). This system removes any discrepancies as seen with hand lamination or blind lamination, and removes many of the steps necessary for single robot stacking.

Do you have a microfluidic device to manufacture, but don’t want to invest in capital equipment? Our Contract Manufacturing Services offers automated stacking and lamination technologies to efficiently assemble your device from design concept to mass production.

For more information on the FlexStacker system or Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services, visit our booth (3397) at MD&M West or contact your Preco sales representative.