Medical Wearables Transforming Healthcare


The global market for medical wearable devices is projected to reach $12.1 billion by 2021, with the United States representing the largest market worldwide. From wearables that diagnose to those that monitor conditions, both are poised to drive growth and innovation in the medical device and diagnostics world. From silicone pads for easy release to transparent materials with no discoloration, we can help make your device look better, be less intrusive and more affordable in mass quantities.

With the rise in demand for remote monitoring increasing, more and more wearable components continue to fill the needs of medical applications. Mission-critical precision is necessary for these applications which can monitor and enhance treatment of oxygen saturation, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, diabetes, and new expanding applications.

Electronic Skin Patch Stack

Preco works with customers to help with new design ideas, prototypes, and production launches of exciting new products at fast speeds and economical piece pricing. No hard tooling expenses as product design is locked down. Custom shapes and sizes are attainable utilizing our laser systems. Our systems offer a high degree of accuracy ablating and drilling to create small geometry and fine futures. Our custom designed Flex Stacker robotically positions parts and places several layers to each other, to tolerances of +/-.002”.

Preco Medical is ready. What can Preco create for you? Contact us today.

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