Laser Heat Treating

Precise Surface Modification
Laser Heat Treating Gear

Heat Treating with a Laser

Laser heat treating is a surface modification process designed to change the microstructure of metals through controlled heating and cooling. An advantage that lasers offer in this process is the ability to heat treat localized areas without affecting the entire work piece. After heat treating, the mass of the material being processed is generally sufficient for "quenching" or rapid heat removal. One example of an ideal application of this technology is heat treating bearing races. No post-machining is needed in some situations.


  • Bearing Areas
  • Wear Areas
  • Seal Areas 
  • Gears 
  • Cams
  • Engine Components
  • Cutting, Bending,
    Forming Edges

Efficient and effective.

The enhanced mechanical properties resulting from laser heat treating depend upon the specific composition of the metal or alloy. For example, laser casehardening of transformation hardening metals provides high wear and abrasion resistance with minimum distortion. In addition, laser spot annealing of precipitation and work-hardened metals (i.e., 300 series stainless steel and copper alloys) restores ductility and improves formability and fatigue resistance in critical areas.

Laser heat treating large metal parts

CO2 lasers, Diode lasers, Fiber lasers and Nd:YAG lasers are commonly used for laser heat treating. If Nd:YAG lasers are used for heat treating, the inherently high absorption properties translate to eliminating pre-processing painting and increasing throughput. 


  • Industrial 
  • Agriculture 
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace


Some of the many advantages of Laser Heat Treating with a Preco-made machine.

  • Precision control of heat input to localized areas
  • Repeatability with increased processing speeds
  • Minimal distortion 
  • Minimal residual stress input
  • Self-quenching process; requires no quenching medium
  • Time efficient process
  • Line-of-sight access for hard to reach areas
  • Able to process 0.050" to 2.0" (1.27mm to 50.8mm) wide passes
  • Increase local hardness over 60 Rc (material dependent) without cracking

Metals Laser Processing Equipment


ST Series

Multi-Axis Laser Processing Machines

These workstations are designed for multi-axis laser welding, heat treating, cladding, drilling and cutting of metallic components.


SL8000 Series

Laser Cutting and Cladding Machine

The SL8000 Series is manufactured from standard parts and integrated into a single workstation designed to fit specific customer needs.


RT Series

Small Diameter Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Designed for precision laser cutting of small diameter tubes for medical devices such as surgical instruments and implantable devices.