Laser Additive Manufacturing

Laser Metal Cladding
Welding with a laser

Cladding with a Laser

Laser cladding is a process in which material is deposited on the surface of a part or workpiece. The laser cladding process is ideally suited for and is often used to create an entirely new surface, as well as to repair damaged on worn surfaces (remanufacturing). It is even possible to create functionally graded coatings where the material composition of the coating can be changed on the fly, resulting in material properties tailored to particular areas of components. 


  • Restoration of Bits, Dies, Industrial Blades, and Mortar Casings
  • Engine Components
  • Hard Facing 
  • Highway Transportation
  • Ship Propellers 

High-speed processing.

Preco's high-speed laser cladding in multiple areas on a machined component. Offering wear resistance through additive manufacturing.

Power Train Welding

Typically, a powder is introduced to a substrate, and then a laser beam is used to melt the powder onto the substrate. The clad material may also be introduced in a wire form. The process produces a 100% dense metallurgical bond deposit with minimal dilution of the base material for enhanced corrosion, abrasion, and wear resistance when used to laser-clad metals.


  • Aerospace 
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas


There are many advantages to using our laser cladding equipment and laser cladding contract manufacturing services over standard or traditional weld cladding or hard facing, including:

  • The ability to produce denser coatings with little or no porosity, finer surface finishes, more consistent layer thicknesses, and more precise clad placement, than traditional thermal spray techniques.
  • Is inherently a low heat input process, resulting in low dilution, fine microstructures, small heat affected zones (HAZ), and low distortion.
  • Helps reduce processing time.
  • In specific applications, laser cladding may restore parts to their original dimensions without secondary operations.
  • Improves upon the materials inherent susceptibility to corrosion, wear and oxidation.

Preco has experience in hybrid and induction-assisted laser welding as well as cold wire feed welding, sometimes necessary if the weld chemistry requires an alteration in order to meet design requirements. More info is available on our laser welding systems, including the SL SeriesST Series, and RT Series. Contact us today to find out if laser welding is an ideal option for your material processing needs.

Metals Laser Processing Equipment


ST Series

Multi-Axis Laser Processing Machines

These workstations are designed for multi-axis laser welding, heat treating, cladding, drilling and cutting of metallic components.


SL Series

Multi-Purpose Laser Processing Machine

The SL Series is manufactured from standard parts and integrated into a single workstation designed to fit specific customer needs.


RT Series

Small Diameter Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Designed for precision laser cutting of small diameter tubes for medical devices such as surgical instruments and implantable devices.