Nammo Composite Solutions

"Please thank your staff for me and let them know that as a supplier of mine, they are the base line that I am judging all other suppliers.

Preco serves as a model partner through the design and transition to production for the new TOW missile case. They have been true owners of their part and their suppliers; they solve problems quickly and with well understood and robust solutions, work extremely well with their Nammo counterparts, and have been very open and honest on all issues. They have shown themselves to be extremely cost conscious, which is a key to TOW, and work proactively to keep costs decreasing as time goes on with innovative product solutions without sacrificing quality. They have worked incredibly hard to understand and control their processes, and have the data to back it up. Raytheon and Nammo took on and aggressive challenge with the new TOW missile case, and our success at meeting those challenges would not have been possible without Preco’s teaming and performance."


Trient Technologies, Inc. 

"On behalf of Trient Technologies, I would like to acknowledge the wonderful support provided by Preco. We recently purchased a 10’’ rotary die cut system and had a great experience working with Preco’s rotary technical group: Zach Haddock, Brandon Smith and Robert Bigler. This team supported Trient with our start-up challenges and continues to assist us with our ongoing opportunities. We look forward to furthering our relationship with Preco."


"We contracted with Preco to make an automated manufacturing line that would produce a variety of our products. Preco designed and built a manufacturing line that was customized to fit our needs perfectly. Due to the characteristics of our materials and the variety of items to be produced there were significant challenges along the way, but the Preco team never wavered from the project and they provided the deliverable that was promised.

The thing that sets Preco apart from other companies in this industry is the high integrity and commitment to get the job done and done right. They were not satisfied to just complete the project; their goal was to complete a machine that performed to their own high standards. The Preco commitment to excellence is well above the norm compared to other vendors. We’ve experienced this company’s integrity and strong commitment first hand and are very pleased with the outstanding product that they produced for us. We highly recommend Preco."


Forest City Technologies 

"Forest City Technologies, Inc. owns three Preco die cutting presses. We went back to Preco for the second and third presses because of the precision cutting, fast cycles, and good service support."

Greene Rubber Company 

"Preco's high speed die cutting equipment has revolutionized how we do business at Greene Rubber Company"

Orion Industries 

"Orion Industries has relied on Preco to maintain our competitive advantage and to help us stay on the leading edge of our technology"

Precision Gasket Company

"Overall, the value and agility of the Preco die cutting system allowed PGC to contribute to an award-winning design and improve the quality of life for the end-user."


"Over the years, PressCut has purchased nine Preco die cutting presses because they had the best technological options at the time... and still do."