Shift Lead

Position Title: Shift Lead
Department: Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) Production
Reports to: Shift Supervisor

Position Summary 

Responsible for safe, efficient and cost-effective long and short-run CMS production operations.

Primary Responsibilities 

Responsible for maintaining continuous CMS production operations by ensuring that jobs are run in an efficient order and may oversee the scheduling of people and equipment to keep work flowing.

  1. Maintain a safe, positive and productive atmosphere with employees.
  2. Ensure materials/tooling & information are stagged and ready for production staff.
  3. Support the production staff in keeping systems running.  Moving finished goods, staging additional input materials, covering for breaks
  4. Provide work direction for production workers and assist with training and input on performance reviews, coaching, etc.
  5. Verify orders are complete & ready to be shipped.  Documentation complete, parts packed appropriately, time & qty reported correctly and all complete product labeled and staged for shipment.
  6. Review all NMR’s and work with different departments to determine the root cause.
  7. Clean out work cell prior to set up a run of next job.
  8. Review time reporting and efficiency of shift production staff.
  9. Work with shift LAT’s to resolve any issues and get the system back in production.  If issues is not resolved communicate to other shifts and lead for additional support.
  10. Take direction from supervisor regarding shift priorities.
  11. Facilitate shift changeovers.
  12. Ensure and maintain part quality to job run specifications.
  13. Setup/Run long run/short-run production jobs.
  14. Handles minor maintenance and systems checks.
  15. Responsible for facility lock up and shutdown of unused laser systems.
  16. Responsible for employees that are in the building during an emergency. (i.e.: fire, tornado, etc.)
  17. Other tasks assigned by supervisor.

Hiring Qualifications

  • High school education or GED.
  • Desired qualifications include supervisory experience and/or course work.
  • Ability to communicate both verbally and written/emails.

Physical Demands

  • Standing for long periods of time (1-2 hrs), frequent stooping, bending, climbing and crawling.
  • Lifting up to 40 pounds.

All Preco, LLC employees are empowered to stop production and notify their supervisor/manager if an unsafe act or product quality concern is occurring.  Also, each member of the Preco – Somerset team is responsible for identifying continuous improvement opportunities and participating in problem-solving teams as necessary.

To Apply 

Send resume to:
This position is located in Somerset, WI

Hourly Wage
$19 - $23 / hr

*based on experience